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The Medium Straight Red Synthetic BOB Wigs For Hot Girls

Posted on 6th Jan 2016 @ 10:50 AM

Red hair is so popular with the young people,they love to color their hair in red to show the difference,the vigour of youth and hip hope style. Here is a medium straight red synthetic BOB wig for those hot girls,for showing in dancing ,singing,party and dating.So you don’t have to color or cut your hair ,try new hairstyle with a risk if you feel can’t to well hold the medium straight BOB style.Wig is a hat,simply to wear,care and try using.

click the picture for more details:

Capless Red Synthetic Medium Straight BOB Party Wigs with Blunt Bangs

To well match with the red synthetic BOB wig,girl,you need a similar red color lipstick -- yes,keep your lip in the same series color.We don’t mean to talk about make-up,that is just a tip for wearing the synthetic BOB wig.


The medium straight red synthetic BOB wig offers a natural hairline and a monofilament top,includes adjustable tabs for optimum comfort and fit.Hair drops until to shoulders,it hids the parts of back ,right and left with the curly wave -- it works if we don’t have a beautiful long neck ,you know,from the description of book,How beautiful the swan’s neck is...And the boring wrinkles on neck--- if you like to lie and read books or play smart phone,wrinkles might have printed on there...So the length of wigs are able to deal with the problem.


Pure BOB can’t live without bang,an importance factor to age and fashion.Two bangs go through the ends of eyebrows ,to smaller forehead and face shape.The rest part bands that in between is short and cut untidy,that’s designed broken hair.Hair ends of the whole synthetic BOB wig are all untidy,looks more natural and vivacious.


Come and have a try ?The medium straight red synthetic BOB wig helps you to be a lovely and sex hot girl!