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Natural Short Straight Black Synthetic Men’s Wig for Daily Life

Posted on 30th Dec 2015 @ 10:19 AM

Men ,especial professional men are facing the problem of hair losing,less hair quantity,or even bald...Thick hair makes us looks more younger, and can be stylish,fashionable.

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Concise Synthetic Natural Black Short Straight Men's Wigs

The men’s wig is in concise design,helps man to hold different occasions,for business meetings,works,parties,dates.Easily to wear the wig,just like to wear a hat,it will cover the whole head,includes parts of less hair or acomous,such as the top,bangless forehead,The short black straight synthetic wig gives men a natural look,because the color, levels,quality were made according to real human hair.So vivid that it looks like real nature human hair.


Regarding the fashionability,we can refer to the pictures on product’s page.To be manly,the wig was designed bangless,but that is not exactly.Look from the front,band is upward together with the part of top head -- almost of men’s hairstyles are designed so.The design highlight two characters: the first is,shows the forehead ‘s shape softly,shorter and smaller the whole face;second,it makes men look more taller than in fact they are,because the parts of hair stands up at least 6cm...And you know,the men’s wig was made of synthetics,the hairstyle was set before it went from factory -- means you don’t have to do something to keep it in the style,it is not the real human hair.Comfortable of wearing ,a important user experience,we treat it as important as beauty.The open wefting in the cap creates better air ventilation,which provides more coolness ,breathable and lightweight on the scalp.


Although it is a concise Short Black Straight Synthetic Men’s Wig ,not simple actually ,instead of practical ,convenient and fashionable.


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