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Tips of Taping Hair Extensions

Posted on 22nd Dec 2015 @ 9:00 AM

Synthetic hair have been a new tool of fashion and beauty.People can buy hair extension and tape by themselves to build more hairstyles ,longer and thicker hair, at home,so there are some tips for hair extensions.


1.Shampoo your hairs ,clean up all grease and hair spray that cover on the skin of head.Dry all hair well ,especial the hair root.

You may find hair knotting before washing,tidy well with a professional comb.


2.Put shampoo on hair (and hair extensions)slightly,wait for a moment and wash with a    shower head,don’t scratch with your hand,just make water washing with a constant direction.


3.Note your hair care products are not those with a high content of ethyl alcohol,oil.It may hurt your hair and hair extensions,fall off and colour fading.


4.Divide your hairs into several area ,of course ,that depends on your requirements.


5.Temperature of hair drier should not be too hot ,otherwise it may reduce the life of hair extensions.


6.After well taping hair extensions,you can do some daily care,for example,wash hairs,it is better fished within 15 minutes,not too hot water and don’t let other hair care products touch the roots of hair extensions.


If you want to wave hair extensions,just do that before taping.

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